Who We Are

Freedom Temple Ministries is an aggregation of multicultural believers committed to winning the world for Christ.

How We Serve

Freedom Temple Ministries employs their hearts, minds, and souls in the effort of transforming the lives of our global community.

What We Believe

Freedom Temple Ministries believes that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone on  which to build a spiritual and successful life.


Freedom Temple Ministries is a local multicultural assembly with a global multipurpose assignment. We are spirit­-filled believers, committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through our collective efforts of Christian education and community outreach. Our purpose and plan is to display the fruit of the Spirit as living epistles consistently and convincingly.

Our assignment, “Winning the World for Christ,” demands that we share our local resources with our global community. Through our international outreach efforts, we have pledged our commitment to improving the spiritual, social, economic, and educational lives of our brothers and sisters worldwide.


Upcoming Events


Mount Calvary Holy Church of America Inc. (MCHCA)

The mission of MCHCA organization is to support local, national and international assemblies in the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world by building covenant relationships, establishing new churches and strengthening existing churches, supporting, empowering, and equipping leaders to be effective, and training local churches to embrace innovative ways of doing ministry.


Freedom Economic Development Division (FEDD)

Freedom Economic Development Division (FEDD) serves as a directory comprised of entrepreneurs and existing business owners throughout our congregation. The knowledge of these services will prayerfully serve as a motivation for patronage to support our brothers and sisters who own businesses in the community.


  • "I can't wait to hear God’s Holy Spirt speak through Bishop Crump each week. His words are so anointed to the broken in spirit and encouraging. When asked, “why do you like the church?” My respond is “the presence of God is in the house!!!” What a wonderful worship experience. You’ve got to come and see for yourself. I promise you won't walk out the same."

    -Marcita Gigi

  • "The dynamic move of the Spirit in Freedom Temple has manifested itself in ways that challenge the miraculous. People witness that God can do what is perceived to be the impossible. All praise and honor to God, Our Savior Jesus Christ, Our Bishop and Leaders of our Great Church."

    -Lathene McDuffie

  • "I absolutely love my church! Bishop Crump speaks with such an anointing spirit. You can't help but to be filled when you leave. I promise, one visit, and you'll never search for another church home!!!"

    -Danielle Powell

  • "This church is the best church that I have ever been to! The very first time I came there which was 3 years ago, they made me feel so welcomed & the love met me at the door! Bishop Crump’s messages on Sundays have changed my life tremendously and have made me a better ME."

    -Chanta'l McCray

  • "I Love Freedom Temple!!! The congregation is just INVITING and WARM. And most of All,God touches the Bishop to deliver so Graciously!!! To God Be The GLORY.... Amen"

    -Barbara Cummings