About Us

Who we are:

Freedom Temple Ministries is an aggregation of multicultural believers committed to winning the world for Christ.

How we serve:

Freedom Temple Ministries employs their hearts, minds, and souls to transform the lives of our global community.

What we believe:

Freedom Temple Ministries believes that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone on which to build a spiritual and successful life.


Freedom Temple Ministries

Freedom Temple Ministries is a local multicultural assembly with a global multipurpose assignment. We are spirit-filled believers, committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through our collective efforts of Christian education and community outreach. Our purpose and plan is to display the fruit of the Spirit as living epistles consistently and convincingly.

Our assignment, “Winning the World for Christ,” demands that we share our local resources with our global community. Through our international outreach efforts, we have pledged our commitment to improving the spiritual, social, economic, and educational lives of our brothers and sisters worldwide.


Freedom Montessori School

Freedom Temple Ministries offers a historic and wholesome Montessori early childhood educational experience to children ages 2-5. A Montessori educational experience allows every child to learn and grow according to their God-given potential and interests.

Freedom Montessori School believes that all children are a gift from God, deserving to experience their greatest potential. We are committed to embracing, protecting, and honoring the individual spirit of each of our children, in a safe and enriched environment. Through motivation and inner discipline, we feel our children will develop the “freedom” to experience the joy of learning.


Freedom Center

The Freedom Center is a multipurpose facility, equipped to meet the spiritual social economic and educational needs of the community.

We are here to offer an environment where family and community can gather to participate in moments of celebration and consecration. The Freedom Center is a place where community comes together.

FEDD (Freedom Economic Development Division)

The Freedom Economic Development Division intends to assist current and prospective business owners within our local congregation and community in building networking, promoting, and  supporting each other.



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